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Real estate is Global. Make sure you’re ready.

Language is at the heart of each human interaction and every business transaction.

The Dayton REALTORS® is excited to offer this brand new member benefit to its members working with international clients here in the Miami Valley. By partnering with the local Dayton company, Vocalink Global, members now have access to live and online translation services for their businesses. With decades of experience, hundreds of languages, and a global team on call to ensure customer success, Vocalink Global has the tools to serve your immediate and broader languages services needs. For questions reach out directly to Stephanie Werenka at

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Interpreting Services

ONSITE INTERPRETING: Vocalink Global provides Dayton REALTORS® members with onsite interpreters to clients at any location around the world. With more than 275 languages in their portfolio and certified interpreters on staff, Vocalink Global can easily meet the needs of clients across a range of industries. Vocalink Global’s onsite interpreters are available to our members for quick and easy scheduling through Tracker, Vocalink’s online language management platform. To learn more about the advantages of onsite interpreting solutions, visit the Vocalink Global FAQs page.

LIVE VIDEO INTERPRETING: Vocalink Global offers our members exclusive, live video remote interpreters any time, every day, anywhere. Their trained, qualified, professional interpreters are just click away. Video Remote Interpreting provides members with the convenience of access to thousands of linguists across the U.S. and from around the world, with the added benefit of non-verbal and visual communication cues. Learn More.

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE: Dayton REALTOR® members also have the ability to utilize Vocalink Global for ASL interpreting. With this service you will be working with high-quality interpreters on an easy-to-use video platform, and 24 / 7 access to Vocalink Global’s online scheduling system. Learn More.

INSTANT LIVE PHONE INTERPRETING: When Dayton REALTORS® members need to communicate in another language right away, or are in need of interpreters in rare languages, over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) is a solid resource. Find out how you can access Vocalink Global’s phone services on their website. Learn More.

This is an exclusive benefit for active members of the Dayton REALTORS®. All members will be required to provide proof of active membership to obtain services from Vocalink Global. All services will be provided by Vocalink Global and agreements will be made between REALTOR® members and Vocalink Global not, Dayton REALTORS®. To access services under this partnership, a REALTOR® member must complete and sign a Member Information Form (“MIF”) found on the Dayton REALTORS® website at

Dayton REALTORS® does not receive any business, personal or transaction-related information from services performed by Vocalink Global for REALTOR® members outside of statistics on languages requested. This information will be strictly used by Dayton REALTORS® to research languages present in our marketplace to provide better services to REALTOR® members.

For more information about these services, please contact Vocalink Global directly at