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September Real Estate Services Spotlight – National Property Inspections

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You Get Way More Than Just an Inspection with National Property Inspections!

All clients who have their home inspected by NPI are eligible to purchase an 18 month warranty.  This is a traditional 12 Month Home Warranty, but because the home was inspected by National Property Inspections, 6 FREE months is added to the warranty term = 18 Month Home Warranty! This warranty offers the broadest coverage for the longest term available on the market.  As with any home, components will break, wear out, and begin to leak, so ensure that the real estate transaction includes the Ultimate Protection offered with NPI’s 18 Month Home Warranty.

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NPI offers a full menu of services to both residential and commercial clients. At NPI we understand how important it is to know everything possible about the property buyers have chosen. Educating customers on the condition of the property is 100% our focus. We help customers make an informed decision on what may be the single largest investment of their lives. NPI provides peace of mind to their clients and assures them that they know the property’s true condition prior to closing.

Informed buyers make for the best clients. What is an inspection? What’s included? 
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When expectations are set forth correctly, positive results happen!

Before You Buy Call NPI! 937-332-1413