Sentrilock New Features

Sentrilock Makes You a Showing Pro

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As an MLS member of Dayton REALTORS®, you have Sentrilock lockboxes available to you. There's no question that this service is leaps and bounds ahead of the antiquated manual combo boxes. With options such as verification of home entry, an accounting of who accessed the box and how long a showing lasted, plus the ability to allow access to the box only during designated times, it's no wonder more and more agents are moving to this superior product.

Even with these advantages, Sentrilock continues to innovate the service and make the app and boxes more user-friendly. They recently released new features, so take a look at the video and information below for the highlights.

If you do not currently have your Sentrilock account set up, please give us a call at 937-223-0900 and we'll get you credentials so you can begin using these lockboxes!

new Sentrilock Features