Realtors Support Property Tax Extension

REALTORS® and Builders Support Property Tax Extension

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Montgomery County Treasurer Russ Joseph and Auditor Karl Keith announced on Thursday that the county would extend the property tax due date from July 17 to August 14, 2020. This follows discussions the county had on the topic with Dayton REALTORS®  and the Home Builders Association of Dayton. Working together, the HBA and Dayton REALTORS®  encouraged support of the extension.

“We are very grateful to Mr. Joseph and Mr. Keith for listening to our proposal,” stated Sham Reddy, president of Dayton REALTORS®. “Their decisive action to extend the deadline and to allow residents additional payment options really demonstrates how much they care about the county residents, especially those struggling right now with income loss and unemployment.”

“The county recognizes how much residential construction and home sales drive the local economy. In fact approximately 15% of the national GDP is attributed to residential construction,” remarked Eric Farrell, CEO of the HBA. “This extension gives families and businesses some more time to pay their property taxes and will help our industry continue its forward momentum by easing some of the pressure on residents who are building or moving.”

The property tax extension announcement also includes three payment plan options for residents who need to additional time to complete payments. Details on the these six, twelve, and twenty-four month options are available at the Montgomery County Treasurer’s website,