June 2020 Real Estate Services Spotlight – Scheller Bradford Group

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Are you a REALTOR® looking for low-cost insurance? While it is difficult for independent contracting real estate professionals to locate and purchase “group” insurance style benefits, it is not impossible. The Scheller Bradford Group, an independent employee benefits agency and their benefits broker John Harder have served the insurance needs of real estate agents in Southwest Ohio for many years. They are pleased to now offer a Total Healthcare Solution for Dayton REALTORS®.

  • NEW BENEFITS Including LOW Telemedicine Pricing for Virtual Health Physician Visits ($4.95 per month for full family!)
  • For the first time EVER: Effective and Affordable Non-Insurance Solutions to Manage Primary Medical Care Services AND Large Healthcare Costs
  • Also available: Dental, Vision, and Pet insurance along with a free Medicare resource

For one low monthly fee, enroll your entire family for anywhere, anytime access to a primary care physician or pediatrician and have a consultation within minutes, by phone, video, or mobile app. Utilize for any number of non-emergency conditions without limitation. When appropriate, medication may be prescribed for convenient pick-up at the pharmacy you designate.

Included is a prescription drug discount benefit through one of the largest pharmacy benefit managers in the country.

As a “buy-up” benefit, the “Essentials” program enhances “Basic” telemedicine benefits and provides access to licensed professional behavioral, or mental health care providers (Mental Health Module). The Essentials program also provides access to difficult to schedule dermatology providers.

The AllyHealth physician network is one of the largest network of telemedicine providers in the country with over 1,000 physicians and an additional 1,000 therapists and psychologists (note: “powered by MDLIVE”).

Cost of the AllyHealth Basic program is $4.95 per month. The AllyHealth Essentials program is $6.95 per month, which includes all of the benefits of the Basic program and much more. The options are described below. Prices cover entire family.

The AllyHealth “Basic” Telemedicine Module ($4.95 per month, full family):

  • $40 professional copay per visit
  • Connect with a Board-Certified M.D. physician at any time of day within 10 minutes
  • Option to use phone or videoconferencing
  • Prescription drug medicine may be prescribed through the “virtual visit”
  • Valuable pharmacy discount card included
  • Medical bill negotiation benefit included
  • Cost is $4.95 month for family

The AllyHealth “Essentials” Teletherapy and Mental Health Module ($6.95 per month, full family):

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Access to licensed therapists and psychologists $90 copay
  • Special referral access to M.D. psychiatrists when appropriate (higher copays required, may prescribe Rx)
  • Also provides access to difficult to schedule dermatologist providers at $59 copay; may prescribe Rx
  • Cost is $6.95 per month for family

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The Scheller Bradford Group is also now offering Medical Cost Sharing. This is an innovative non-insurance solution for managing large healthcare costs. Our Community works together to save money without compromising quality of care.

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For more information on these and other options, contact John Harder today via email or by phone at 513-578-6980.