July Real Estate Services Spotlight – Environmental Doctor

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Environmental Doctor is a team of certified, experienced and licensed Indoor Air Quality Specialists. Our staff consists of credentialed experts in the areas of building science, environmental science, microbiology, indoor air quality, radon mitigation, mold remediation and occupational healthcare.

We are dedicated to helping real estate professionals, inspectors and their clients to create healthy indoor environments. Put our values of professionalism, expertise, reliability, teamwork and integrity to work for you!

Our capabilities range from assessing indoor air quality, indoor moisture, humidity, mold, radon, ventilation and water intrusion concerns to the remediation of mold, the mitigation of radon, the removal of other contaminants, the installation of dehumidification, air purification, moisture control and ventilation systems to correct problems that have already been identified.

Please call on us to support you when inspections reveal environmental concerns. These concerns may be in an attic, a basement, a crawlspace, a living space, a work space or even an industrial building.

Phone: 433-5202