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February 2021 Real Estate Services Spotlight – Achosa Home Warranty

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Do You Know What the Number One Warranty Complaint to the Better Business Bureau Is? Time.

Specifically, the time it takes to get a repair completed when a warranty claim is placed. More often than not, this is directly related to the limitations in place by contractor networks of traditional warranty.

There’s a reason homeowners, contractors and real estate agents in Ohio love ACHOSA. The claims process allows homeowners to use any provider they choose, and this means agents can use and refer their own trusted local partners. It enables the client to use the person who is most trusted or available the soonest, to meet their specific needs.

We have spent years in our industry studying BBB complaints from every major company in order to change our industry for the better.

Unclear coverage or terms is a major source of frustrations. ACHOSA provides transparent communication and expectations. We not only provide coverage details at closing, we also (more importantly) take the time to provide details specific to each claim BEFORE the diagnosis, so there are no surprises.

We value our local contractors and don’t negotiate their rates. They deserve an honest wage for their work. We also pay them when the work is complete, not when we “issue checks” or after making them jump through hoops to request payment, like traditional warranty typically will.

We are in the relationship business. Our clients are not just the homeowner, but the real estate professional and the contractors that service our clients.

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Finally, a quick touch on the ACHOSA game changers for the homeowner:

  • Clients choose their own service provider (fast response, improved communication, trustworthy contractor, and higher quality) and make decision to repair, replace or upgrade based on diagnosis and their home needs
  • Parts are sourced locally, keeping dollars in the local economy and reducing wait time
  • ACHOSA pays contractors their FULL RETAIL RATE as soon as the work is complete, while they are still in the client’s home

If you need a warranty partner that operates with urgency at all times and treats all their relationships like a valuable partner, it’s time to look at ACHOSA.

Jenna Wheeler
Sr Sales Executive, Southern Ohio
ACHOSA Home Warranty