How to Successfully Extend Your Delayed Entry Listing

Bob Jones DABR Members Only, MLS Articles

Don’t Procrastinate – Get the Form in Early

Do you need to extend your Delayed Entry listing? A new “Delayed Entry Authorization Form” must be submitted to MLS staff no later than 4pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) the day before the delayed entry listing is set to go active. That means if the listing is set to go active over a weekend, any delayed entry extensions would have to be received by MLS staff before 4pm on the Friday before the listing is to go active.

Why do we need the form the day before? The Matrix MLS system automatically changes the status of Delayed Entry listings to Active at 12:45am on the day the listing is scheduled to go active. Once a Delayed Entry listing has been changed to Active status by Matrix, MLS staff is unable to change it back. By submitting the new form no later than 4pm the day before the current Delayed Entry expires, the MLS staff will have time to process it before the close of business. If you miss this deadline, Matrix will automatically change the listing status to Active. At that point, the only way to put it back into the Delayed Entry status would be to terminate the listing and re-enter it into the MLS as incomplete. By getting the authorization form to MLS in time, you’ll avoid all this hassle.

Remember, a delayed entry listing can only be extended 30 days at a time, with a 90-day maximum. For more information on the Delayed Entry status, click here.