Three Updated Forms Available

Delayed Entry, Coming Soon Forms Updated

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Coming Soon Disclosure and Delayed Entry Authorization forms

The MLS Committee, in an effort to streamline the "Coming Soon Disclosure" and "Delayed Entry Authorization" forms for members, consolidated information from the "Property Validation" form into each of those documents.  The result is that the “Property Validation” form is no longer a required inclusion with these two forms. We’ve taken the pertinent language from that form and added it to the “coming soon” and “delayed entry” documents, simplifying the process for you. So now you need only submit a single document to the MLS.

Other changes to these forms include:

  • The New single page “Coming Soon” form now has a go live date added to the form for sellers who wish to have their listings go “Active” in less than the 5 days maximum allowed under Coming Soon rules.
  • The New single page “Delayed Entry” form now allows for an “Active” date of up to 90 days maximum into the future. This reduces the requirement for agents to get an additional form signed by the seller every 30 days to extend the delayed entry status of the listing up to the maximum 90 days allowed under Delayed Entry rules.

Both Forms are now available in both the Instanet Forms Center and on the MLS under links.

View Delayed Entry Authorization Form

View Coming Soon Disclosure Form

COVID-19 Showing Addendum to Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement

The Board of Directors recently approved the addition of the “COVID-19 Showing Addendum to Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement”. This form was prepared by Ohio REALTORS® in response to potential issues arising as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic. This is an optional form we are making available to members should they need it.

The updated “Delayed Entry Authorization” and “Coming Soon Disclosure” forms are available to download right now in Instanet. The “COVID-19” form is NOT currently in Instanet, but it should appear there in the near future. In the meantime, you can easily access this form through Matrix under the “Links” tab.