A New Chapter for Dayton REALTORS® Begins

Bob Jones General News

In 2017, your Association started a new chapter of our history by changing the name from Dayton Area Board of REALTORS® to Dayton REALTORS®.

Our mission as an Association is to put REALTORS® at the center of making Dayton and its surrounding communities a thriving place to do business, to raise a family, and to live life. The name change reflects this. It also removes the outdated term “Board”, which to many conjured a perception of a few cigar-smoking old men making decisions behind closed doors. With the many volunteers who give their time to committees and the opportunities for all members to participate in the growth of Dayton REALTORS®, that perception could not be further from the truth.

Following the name change, we embarked on updating the entire Association image. The process consisted of many hours of conversations, word mapping, and sharing the vision and focus the Association has for its members and community. We knew this logo had to encapsulate every word that we could think of when it comes to what REALTORS® and the Association hold dear. We wanted a brand image that would convey new growth while presenting a 30,000 foot view of what all the cities in the Dayton area could accomplish with the help of REALTORS®.

As you can see from the logo, the city streets represent every block and avenue that our REALTOR® members are responsible for growing. Our members don’t just sell houses. They build communities.

The tree represents new growth, born out of the streets of our communities. This conveys our mission to help grow jobs and businesses that, in turn, lead to real estate success in both residential and commercial markets.

We are excited for what is in store for our members in the years to come. The growth we are going to drive for our communities and the benefits that will arise for REALTORS® is only just beginning. Thank you for being a member of Dayton REALTORS®.

Yours in Service,
2018 President Bob Morrison